This is a list of all the banned/unbanned players on the server.

Username Admin Reason Time Current Status
kharya Max_ [OFF] 01/07/2020 Banned
Jack_Reacher GeneVa ban evade [OFF] 30/06/2020 Banned
Shyam GeneVa bye 29/06/2020 Unbanned
Ahmet_Abdulahovic GeneVa hacks 28/06/2020 Banned
Gerry Server Weapon Cheat 27/06/2020 Unbanned
Laz_Ziyah Server Weapon Cheat 19/06/2020 Banned
Bannourah Mrlfrnz [OFF] 19/06/2020 Unbanned
sbynancy Max_ Ban evade (MervalL) 18/06/2020 Banned
Derr_1 Server Invalid Attempts 17/06/2020 Unbanned
Sith Ares Teleport Cheat 16/06/2020 Banned
Freezy Server Invalid Attempts 15/06/2020 Unbanned
Harry_Blade GeneVa airbreak 14/06/2020 Banned
Edward_Davidsky Server Death Flood 14/06/2020 Banned
Johnny Server Weapon Cheat 13/06/2020 Unbanned
Master spowww Anti-stun again 12/06/2020 Banned
Freezy Server Weapon Cheat 11/06/2020 Unbanned
Sekiro Payrle Family insults (24 Hr) 10/06/2020 Unbanned
exploit Beanny Health hacks 10/06/2020 Banned
your_sister_maged GeneVa BAN EVADE 09/06/2020 Banned
Zeing_ Mag [OFF] 09/06/2020 Banned