This is a list of all the banned/unbanned players on the server.

Username Admin Reason Time Current Status
Larmada Server Airbreak Cheat 11/11/2018 Banned
Chuck_Norris Server Weapon Cheat 13/10/2018 Unbanned
ExCreation Server Weapon Cheat 09/10/2018 Unbanned
Veldora_Gambino Server Invalid Attempts 05/10/2018 Banned
Joseph_Colombos Server Vehicle Mod Cheat 01/10/2018 Banned
Derek_WestBrook nigowl Weapon Hack 01/10/2018 Banned
Mikee Server Vehicle Mod Cheat 30/09/2018 Banned
Slade Dump cbug + aimbot + hh + tp 27/09/2018 Unbanned
iTizAz_CHEEMA Server Weapon Cheat 27/09/2018 Unbanned
RaMiN Server Airbreak Cheat 26/09/2018 Banned
Francesko_Dekapria Dump sir no wep hacks 26/09/2018 Banned
Slade Ziggi . 26/09/2018 Unbanned
Alphatester Piet /q to avoid bomb 26/09/2018 Banned
HASsaN_ Server Weapon Cheat 25/09/2018 Unbanned
Shad0wSkr0ps Server Vehicle Mod Cheat 25/09/2018 Banned
Yesou Server Weapon Cheat 25/09/2018 Banned
ShadowSkrobs Server 25/09/2018 Banned
Hurma Server Weapon Cheat 25/09/2018 Banned
Jake Ziggi Ban Evade 24/09/2018 Banned
Ace Dump stop it 24/09/2018 Banned